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What is People Walker?

People Walker is a digital platform that connects you with safe and reliable walking partners on-demand. It’s a quick and easy way to get you out of your chair and moving, leaving you happier, healthier, and more connected than before! But it’s more than just a walk… it’s conversation, accountability, motivation, exploration, sightseeing, or simply a new experience.

Meet the Team

Chuck McCarthy
Chuck McCarthyFounder

Chuck “Chief Walker” is a thinker and creator who takes a problem-solving approach to innovation and invention. He was featured by Headline News and Inventors Digest for his theoretical ideas and inventions. Several marketing concepts he hypothesized, such as mirco influencers and Captcha marketing have since become proven marketing strategies. Chuck is always looking at the big picture, always trying to win or fail fast and take the next step.

Aryan Sarbaz
Aryan SarbazCEO

Aryan is an innovative attorney with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has helped develop numerous start ups, and has previously served as General Counsel and COO for a real estate tech company. Aryan has experience in both litigation and transactional law, and was managing partner of a law firm, where he received the 6th largest settlement award in California for 2017. Aryan gave up his legal career to help start People Walker.

Eamonn Pascal
Eamonn PascalTechnology

Eamonn is an entrepreneur and software engineer from Los Angeles, Ca. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a computer engineering degree and spent the last 8 years working on tech startups. He was an investor and tech manager at his previous company, MaxCDN, which he saw through from infancy to a successful exit. Eamonn has experience in both web and mobile app development.

Arielle Cortese
Arielle CorteseOperations

Arielle has a healthy obsession with getting projects done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Over the past few years, Arielle has helped successfully launch four companies in the tech and medical industries. Arielle excels at maintaining great client relationships and has managed a team of over 110 employees. Arielle grew up in Portland, Oregon, and received her bachelor’s degree at Oregon State University while being a student-athlete.

Paymon Khatibi
Paymon KhatibiLegal

Paymon is a top-notch trial attorney who has helped recover millions of dollars in cases involving intellectual property, employment, personal injury, and business litigation. He is a co-founder of the Downtown LA Bar association, one of the fastest growing bar associations in the state, and serves on the Board of Governors for the Consumer Attorneys of California. Paymon received his law degree from Loyola Law School.

Cynthia Abi Naked
Cynthia Abi NakedBranding

Cynthia is a driven and innovative entrepreneur and designer who finished her studies at Sci-Arc, a 5 year architecture program. She started her first company, Koli Collective, during her last year of architecture school, which has gotten recognition for adding utilitarian design to fashionable accessories.
Cynthia has worked with multiple companies, including her own, to help curate and design their brand identity.

Randy Horowitz
Randy HorowitzFinance

Randy has a diverse and robust background in the world of finance. Randy was Co-Founder and CFO of Toot App, an on-demand mobile tutoring application for high school and college students. He also has four years of experience as a Senior Analyst for BHIC, where he developed actionable long and short public equity investment ideas across all industry sectors. Randy received his BS in business administration from the University of Southern California.

Our Story

People Walker has come a long way since Chuck McCarthy aka The People Walker took his first step.

Chuck moved to Los Angeles about a decade ago in hopes of becoming an actor and writer. And like many new to Los Angeles, Chuck looked to the gig economy to make ends meet while pursuing his dream.

During that time dog walkers became a popular job for some, but Chuck had other plans. It was on a walk with his girlfriend, that he saw flyers for personal trainers and dog walkers that he thought “Maybe I’ll just become a people walker.”

As he contemplated this concept, he kept coming up with reasons that this was a good idea. His mother had fallen while walking alone on a nature path, breaking her leg in multiple places, and was later fearful of walking alone, a concern that countless others shared. Some people sometimes need to just get out of the house and talk to someone. Others wanted to exercise, but not with the intensity and expense of L.A. personal trainers or classes. With more reasons stacking up, he launched The People Walker, made a Facebook page and tacked flyers around L.A.

What he didn’t expect was for the idea to become extremely popular, but not because he was getting walking requests from people all over the world, but because of the positive impact it had on people. Smartphones and social media had replaced real human relationships, and people were feeling isolated.

Chuck realized he needed to create an app so that he can bring on more walkers and bring the service to other cities. Chuck met Aryan in Australia at a wedding and the two agreed to grow the company together with the mission to have their service create positive momentum in people’s lives through movement and connection. As they brought on more walkers and team members, they decided to drop “The” from “The People Walker” and call the company “People Walker.” Now People Walker hopes to help people all over the world by getting them out of the house, moving, and connecting with people offline.