Walking For Losses and Gains: An Interview With Actor Charley Koontz

By Chuck McCarthy

Charley Koontz is a professional actor. You can see him in celebrated films such as Rubber or Contracted and television shows like Community, Modern Family, and This Is Us. Fans of CSI: Cyber will recognize him from his starring role as computer wiz Daniel Krumitz. Charley Koontz making changes and feeling better. Many of Charley’s acting roles have centered around or been contingent on his weight. Charley is [...]

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Walk around Lopez Island

By Josh Heller

I just came back from a great trip to Lopez Island, a remote island in Washington state the size of Manhattan, but with only 2,000 residents. My friends Nitsan & Alaya built a house. I had a blast spending time there. One of the days they went to work, and I took myself on a peoplewalk. I walked for a few hours and ended up at the southernmost point on [...]

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